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There is no reason that a business could be fully mobile. The technological advances and the pricing structures that support mobility have reduced over time. However, it is not all as good as it seems. There are gaps, particularly when you travel internationally. Here we discuss several of the important factors that make mobile business travel a reality.

Mobile Devices. In the last few years, many of the mobile devices used by people today came into existence. The speed and processing power of tablets, laptops and smartphones continues to increase. As the increases occur, and software develops the business traveller will have more options. Fortunately, the gaming sector drives the hardware development. Business people do not need as much processing power or internet speed as gamers.

Internet Access. The speed and availability of the internet continues to grow as well. Wi-Fi is not everywhere as some advertisements claim but there is greater coverage now than before. There are more and more free hotspots available to the traveller and many hotels now include free Wi-Fi. Sometimes there are ridiculously low download limits. Talk with the staff and they will usually provide extra credits if you explain your need politely.

Cell phone or mobile phone coverage. The coverage varies from place to place. In some smaller European countries, the coverage is almost saturated, however in large countries with small populations the inverse is true. Check the coverage before you travel so that you can plan your calls and downloads. Also, it I usually more cost-effective to buy a pre-paid SIM card in a country that you are visiting rather than relying on global roaming. Charging your electronic equipment is never a problem.

The days of carrying cash are almost over in most countries. Plastic (credit and debit cards) cards are now the norm. Many establishments (hotels and restaurants) prefer plastic to cash. Traveler’s Cheques have all but disappeared.

The bane of every business person on the road is managing expenses. There are accommodation receipts, fuel receipts, meal receipt with clients, meal receipts when eating alone and other expenses. Fortunately, there are smartphone options for dealing with the receipts promptly, either as they happen or daily.

Email has almost caused “snail” mail to disappear. What was once a challenge is only a memory to the older traveling business people. Emails are accessed anywhere there is an internet connection either through a cell phone data connection or Wi-Fi connection.

It is easier than ever to run a business “on the road” with new tools becoming available every day.

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